A Must-Try THC Detox Methods Before A Drug Test

Getting THC out of your system to pass a drug test is not that easy. Although urine tests are the most common, they are followed by saliva tests. But the most accurate are blood tests. That is why if you are preparing for one, you should know the best methods to ensure that you pass the test because THC takes longer to get flushed out.

Detox Drinks

If you are preparing for a urine drug test yet do not have enough time to ensure that the other THC detox kit works, then there is another method you can try – detox drinks. To make sure that this works, you have to stop using THC for at least 48 hours before the test. The detox drinks can work for as fast as 12 to 24  hours. This works by diluting the urine inside the body. That is why this is considered the best THC detox kit in the market.

Detox Pills

If you still have about 5 to 15 days to prepare for your drug test, you can use detox pills. They are as effective as detox drinks. The difference is, the detox pills speed up the body’s metabolism rate to flush the toxins out of your system. This is the best THC detox method if you have time to prepare.

Natural Detox At Home

Aside from the THC detox drinks and pills, there are also natural remedies that you can try at home. The most effective is using a drink of water and lemon. This concoction is not only good for treating hangovers but also to help flush out the cannabis toxins out of your body. You need to stop using THC for at least a week before you start this detox method.


If you are doing a swab test, you can use mouthwashes that are specifically designed to remove any presence of THC in your saliva. This is one of the most popular on-the-go solutions for those who are preparing for a drug test.

Being prepared before a drug test is important. If you have one coming up soon, make sure that you try the methods recommended above. This best detox for weed drug test can surely make a difference for you.

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